How To Fix Rolled Over, Rounded, Hunched Shoulders

Key points:

  • Common issue for bodybuilders who focus on developing pecs but not back, pecs pull shoulders forward, and for office workers sitting at a computer all day
  • “In my opinion, its not an issue of stretching. Virtually everyone is limber enough that they can hold their shoulders in the proper position. The issue is increasing the strength of the muscles which hold the shoulders back so that when at rest, the shoulders find the proper position.”
  • Quick test: When you stand with your arms at your side, do your thumbs point forward? If they point to your hips, you have a muscular imbalance
  • Exercises to correct:
    • reverse fly
    • face row – resistance bands, cable setup: pull horizontally towards your face. with barbell, bend over and use narrow grip.
    • shoulder row – keep elbows OUT to engage upper back instead of lats
    • bent over shrug

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