On Chia Seeds

TL;DR  – Good for caloric density, soluble fiber, fullness, texture. Maybe good for a bunch of other stuff.

  • Health benefits are suggested by strong nutritional profile (omega 3s, protein, fiber), but not proven in any studies yet.
    • some nutrients are locked up by phytic acid
    • “The bio-availability of nutrients in chia seeds is admittedly quite poor due to anti-nutrients, but this can be said to pretty much any nut/seed. This doesn’t mean that they’re unhealthy, but that we shouldn’t rely on them to meet our nutritional needs. Soaking helps to some degree, but populations that depend on these foods for their survival will usually soak, cook, and ferment them which massively improves their nutritional value.” source
    • Study suggests they need to be ground for nutritional benefits
    • “Unless you grind them up, nutritionally you’re only really getting the benefits of them as a source of soluble fiber. The omega-3s and other nutrients can’t be digested if the seed remains intact.” source
  • Chia seeds + coconut milk powder + dried fruit = backpacking rocket fuel. I danced up Mt. Whitney with chia in my belly (literally – music, earbuds, boogie).
  • I usually do 3 tbsp of chia + 1 cup of water, let sit overnight, mix with Greek yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast throughout the week.
  • Dry chia seeds are unruly and will go everywhere.
  • Do not be this guy and eat a cup’s worth of dry seeds in one sitting, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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